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a new paradigm of global aid

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Many of the binaries between the Global North and the Global South have not changed in over a century. Terminologies & technology have drastically evolved but power dynamics remain the same.








charity will highlight perspectives, ongoing initiatives, and experiences that challenge practitioners to recognize and transform the colonial, racist foundations of the international development sector. These historical threads are seen in different subsectors of the broader aid industry like education, agriculture, policy & governance, health, and security as well as the different stakeholders of non-governmental organizations, technical assistance firms, philanthropy, multi-lateral institutions, and others.


With the increasing availability of publications, webinars, and media that offer opportunities for learning and introspection, there is a growing need to aggregate this information (as well as knowledge by the forbears of this work) in a meaningful, accessible way. Amid new attention on a long-standing problem, it is vital that those most affected by neocolonial holdovers of the aid industry are centered in discussion and the decisions that follow.

To What End?

The objective of is simple: reflect the current reckoning to stop and undo harm caused by humanitarian and aid efforts intending to ‘develop’ the Global South. However, a critical lens is necessary to avoid the guise of progress and accountability. Dialogue is crucial for transformation but without visceral change at the power centers of international development, even the term ‘decolonial’ becomes colonized.

As both a resource and reflective opportunity, will challenge practitioners and organizations to radically realign their assumptions, standard operating procedures, and expectations of their involvement in the Global South. 

Most importantly, will challenge the sector to consider how (or even if) they can respond to the current sea change.

The status quo is no longer sustainable. We must shift the power centers of the aid sector and are out of time for incremental change.

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